One aspect of the close relationship Renault Trucks has with its customers and drivers is the passion for trucks it shares with them. Fully committed to the sport of Truck Racing since 2007, the manufacturer reaches the highest steps on the European Team Championship podium in association with MKR technology: European Champion in 2010 and Championship runner-up in 2011. For the past two years, Renault Trucks has supplied its partner with its “engine” technology and assistance during the races. Standing out with its impressively original and sharp design created by the Renault Trucks Halle du Design, the Premium Racing demonstrated that it was also one of the best performing vehicles in the competition. In the course of these recent seasons, the manufacturer has been able to share its passion and enthusiasm with its customers and the general public via the Truck Racing by Renault Trucks videogame, which can be downloaded free of charge on the site (PC version). A free version of this game for smartphones and iPad is also available. For the 2012 season, the aim remains the same - to win!

tRenault Trucks has been a major competitor in truck racing since 2007. This commitment enables Renault Trucks to combine passion, competitive spirit and high technology. Extremely popular in the world of trucks, Truck Racing allows the manufacturer to enhance its image among members of the general public and build strong ties with its customers. The partnership between Renault Trucks and MKR Technology in these races enabled the whole team to start from scratch and rethink the vehicle's design in a new light to create a new Renault Trucks Racing identity.

Season after season, spectators' enthusiasm for truck races during the FIA European championship never flags. Over 550,000 of them attended events at the tracks in 2011.

This enthusiasm can also be found on Internet. The site will be featuring videos which will also be posted on video sharing sites such as YouTube or Dailymotion after each championship event. Fans with a Twitter account will also be able to sign up to the official account: @RT.Racing.

This technological showcase enables the manufacturer's subsidiaries to use Truck Racing events every year to invite their customers and highlight their products and services. In 2011, Renault Trucks invited almost 16,000 customers to experience the excitement of the races at the trackside.

Renault Trucks Racing

Renault Trucks' involvement as an engine manufacturer in the European Championships since 2007 reflects its commitment to Truck Racing. In 2010, the French truck manufacturer decided to create its own Renault Trucks Racing brand identity in line with its new Renault Trucks Deliver corporate claim.

Renault Trucks maintains a high profile in the paddocks with its dedicated assistance semi-trailer. This Renault Trucks Racing semi-trailer, pulled by a Magnum, is divided into two areas. One is a storage zone for engines and spare parts, while the other is fitted out as an office for the Renault Trucks engine engineers. These specialists are on hand to constantly analyse the way the engines perform throughout these racing weekends. Between the trial sessions, they provide the adjustments necessary to optimise the trucks' performance according to lap times, drivers' impressions, track profile and weather conditions.

The experience gained by racing is a unique opportunity for the brand's engineers. For this laboratory, the most exacting imaginable, is able to provide the most significant developments which subsequently result in very real benefits for customers operating their production vehicles.

Renault Trucks, the MKR Technology Team's main partner

Renault Trucks achieved the objectives it set itself by winning the European Team Championship crown in partnership with the MKR Technology team in 2010.

This team is managed by Mario Kress, a well-known specialist in the discipline (with 8 European titles to his credit during the last 10 years) and consists of experienced Truck Racing professionals. This season it will be fielding three trucks entrusted to drivers with impressive track records: the German Markus Oestreich, the Swiss Markus Bösiger and the Czech Adam Lacko.

In addition to the racing engines, Renault Trucks is also supplying the Team's logistic vehicles: two Magnums to serve as a motor-home and a workshop as well as a Premium Long Distance Truck Racing special edition which will be used to carry the three racing vehicles.

Since 2011, Renault Trucks is fully asserting its role as a supplier of racing engines, since Renault Trucks is supplying a DXi 13 "customer" engine to Team 14, an amateur team made up of current or former staff members of the Renault Trucks Blainville production plant (Calvados, France), as well as to the Belgian BJP Racing team.

dThe drivers:

Adam Lacko - Like many drivers, Adam Lacko began his career on karts and then promotion formulas (Ford Fiesta Skoda Octavia cup, etc.). While taking part in these events in 2001, and also the following year, he tested the Tatra Jamal racing truck and got bitten by the truck bug. In 2003, he took part in his first European Truck Racing Championship, finishing 5th at the wheel of a Tatra. He continued during the next few years with Man and Buggyra before following a career in GT racing Championships. He came back to the European Truck Racing Championship in 2009 with the Allgäuer Truck Racing Team, and this year will again be defending the Renault Trucks-MKR Technology colours, wearing the number 3.

Markus Ostreich – a real German star in the world of Truck Racing, Markus Oestreich joined the MKR team when it was set up in 2010 for two reasons: total confidence in the professionalism of Mario Kress, the team Manager on the one hand, and a desire to drive a truck he could not praise enough, on the other. "Oese" as almost everyone in the truck racing world calls him, has taken part in almost 50 races and has become a real truck racing legend with an incredible string of triumphs to his credit.

Without listing everything, here is a selection of some of his finest moments: winner of the Nürburgring 24-hour race (1986), winner of the Spa 24-hour race (1990), 4th place in the European truck racing championship (1992), 3rd place in the European truck racing championship (1995, 1997 & 1998), European Truck Racing vice champion (2000 & 2003), European Truck Racing champion (super truck category, 2004), European Truck Racing vice champion (super truck category, 2005), European Truck Racing Team Championship (Renault trucks-MKR, 2010).He will be competing with the number 4 this season.

Markus Bösiger - "I've got fuel in my veins!" That's how Swiss driver Markus Bösiger likes to describe himself and the passion he has built up for motor sports. Over a ten-year period, this future champion went through several motorbike and sidecar combinations while riding in international championships - and picked up several trophies in the process.

It was in 1999 that he turned towards racing 1,100 hp trucks - and very soon started winning some of the events he entered. Then in 2007, Markus Bösiger came into the spotlight by winning the Truck Racing European crown. The next year he came in behind his team mate at the time, David Vrsecky, European vice champion, finishing the season in 4th position.

In 2010, despite having decided to end his career the previous year, Markus Bösiger chose to make a comeback. Together with German driver Markus Oestreich, he decided to embark upon a new adventure, taking up an invitation issued by Mario Kress who was founding a new truck racing stable - the MKR Technology team. Renault Trucks then came on board as the engine builder for this young team. At the end of the first season, Markus Bösiger carried off the European truck racing vice championship title. Together with his co-driver, Markus Oestreich, he also picked up the European Team Championship crown. This year, he will be wearing the number 6.

The Renault Premium Racing

The design of the three Premium Racing trucks driven by the MKR-Technology Team has been entirely conceived and developed by the Halle du Design, a specialised unit owned by Renault Trucks.

These three vehicles are fitted with Renault DXi13 Racing engines developed by Renault Trucks for this racing version.

During these last two years, the reliable, high performance DXi13 Racing engine was among the best of the bunch. The valuable information gathered during this victorious season, together with the results of inter-season tests, will enable its performance to be improved even further. Let us not forget that these outstanding trucks develop 1,160 hp with a torque of 5,600 Nm and have a maximum engine speed of 2,600 rpm. These bombshells are able to go from 60 km an hour to 160 km hour in under 7 seconds.

Truck Racing by Renault Trucks, the videogame designed to spread the passion for trucks

Always striving to build closer relationships with its customers by employing increasingly innovative communications techniques, Renault Trucks designed truck racing simulators to be set up at the trackside during Grand Prix events. Building on the considerable success these enjoyed, Renault Trucks launched the PC version of this impressively realistic videogame which is available as a free download from Internet ( as well as versions for smartphones and iPad.

Truck Racing by Renault Trucks is inspired by the performance of actual Renault Premium Racing trucks. Heading down the track at 160 km/h (the maximum speed authorised by the FIA), sliding on the turns, cutting on the inside, overtaking on the right, etc. With its three levels of difficulty, everyone can enjoy testing their skills. And those who really feel they have a future in truck racing can select the "pro" mode and remove the ESP, ABS and ASR so they can shift gears manually! Players have the choice of four different tracks, can personalise their truck by changing its colour or decal stickers and take part in networked competitions via Internet with their friends (up to 16 contestants).

Having recorded 880,000 PC version downloads since its launch, Truck Racing by Renault Trucks has become the most sophisticated and exciting truck racing game ever produced. It is available for free download at The iPhone and iPad versions have also been hugely successful with more than 250,000 downloads for the iPhone version and almost 20,000 for the iPad version. They are available at In May 2012, a version of the game for Android brought it to an even wider audience. This version will be available on Google Play.

An Internet site with even greater interactivity

For the 2012 season, the site is getting a makeover and becoming available via smartphone. This new version gives an even higher profile to photos, videos and social networks. Every racing weekend, tweets will be published offering live coverage of Renault Trucks Racing on the track and in the stands. Fans with a Twitter account will also be able to sign up to the official account: @RT.Racing.

The 2012 season calendar




12/13 May



19/20 May



9/10 June



23/24 June 2011



30 June / 1 July

Donington Park


14/15 July

Nürburg Ring


28/29 July



1/2 September


Czech Republic

22/23 September






13/14 October

Le Mans


"Showmanship" and "efficiency" shape a Racing truck’s design

Appearing to come from somewhere in between the worlds of Darth Vader and Batman, the Premium Racing truck certainly succeeds in surprising everyone. No one in Europe has ever dared to enter a racing truck in the European Championship with a design like this. We take a closer look at this unique style produced by a young designer, Antonino Lo Ré, (who recently earned “Best Worker in France” status) working under Hervé Bertrand, Director of the Renault Trucks Halle du Design (HDD).

The new truck racing partnership between Renault Trucks and MKR Technology enabled the whole team to start from scratch and rethink the vehicle's design in a new light to create a new Renault Trucks Racing identity. Mario Kress, a huge enthusiast of the Formula Truck Brazilian Championship, in which the competitors try to outdo each other with their eccentric designs, encouraged Hervé Bertrand’s team to go all out. A message that certainly got home to everyone as their ideas and sketches moved towards a truck with increasingly assertive and indomitable features that would echo their sole aim - to create a design expressing the determination to win.

From an architectural viewpoint, the truck complies with the competition's fundamental rules: an optimised production vehicle with the lowest possible ground clearance. The front stands out for its contrast between the smooth, clean lines of the upper part and the lower section with its huge trapezoid air intakes. The transition between the two is provided by a perforated radiator grille and headlights which seem to come out of nowhere. All of which adds up to a truck with a commanding "stance" on the track ready to swallow up its rivals!

The energy put out by the truck is also enhanced by the colour code adopted. This has been designed to reflect Renault Trucks Racing's new identity and the ambition generated by the manufacturer's alliance with MKR Technology. This is why the predominance of dark grey, a neutral colour symbolising technological prowess, is highly contrasted with the bright red of the front air intakes and radiator grille frame.

This energy is also expressed in the truck's rear. The wings incorporated into the side fairings extend the vehicle's dynamic lines. While the trapeze shaped air exhausts emphasised in red definitively proclaim that this truck belongs to the world of "winners".

But a racing truck's design doesn't stop with its appearance. The choices made by the Halle du Design teams can also be explained by technical and regulatory considerations, and will be perfected throughout the season. The wide openings are designed to optimise front and rear brake cooling. Similarly, the front bumper's low 100 mm ground clearance cuts turbulence to a minimum. However, since FIA rules forbid any aerodynamic assistance, the front and side fairings have been perforated to counteract any undue advantage.

With its perfect pedigree and atypical design, the Premium Racing demonstrates Renault Trucks' powerful commitment to Truck Racing and its determination to satisfy truck enthusiasts and the brand's customers by an impressive presence on the track - and results that match its ambitions!